I started Brave Media Network because I wanted to bring my light-hearted and easy going Australian approach to entertainment news. I love board games and movies, as do the people following along with me on my journey, and I wanted to be able to open up my passion and love of these hobbies, and the incredible community to audiences far and wide.


The board game and tabletop industry is so much larger over in the USA and in Europe. Australia is, as always, trying to keep up. The creation of Brave Media Network is not only to provide industry related news, reviews and interviews; but it’s creation is to help promote board games, role playing games and anything tabletop, that comes out of Australia. We want to shine a spotlight on Australian publishers, Australian distributors and Australian designers.


Starting out as an accessible review and interview platform, Brave Media Network has grown, and grown quickly. I endeavour to keep bringing you, the viewers, quality reviews and interviews from throughout the industry. In the near future I aim to turn Brave Media Network into a publishing house located here in Melbourne, Australia. We will aim to publish tabletop gmaes and graphic novels by Australians.


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I am Rowan Morris, owner and publisher of Brave Media Network. I started because I wanted to be able to share with all of you many of the things that makes tabletop games and movies so amazing! Board games and films have been a passion of mine for many many years. They are fun, they are engaging, they are often beautiful and they keep your brain working, helping you with problem solving, decision making and increasing your social behaviour.



The posts and feeds that you will see on this website and social media are mostly written by myself. I want to try and keep things fun and breezy to show exactly what each and every board game is and how each film makes you feel. I want to be true to all and attempt to capture the essence of each. I won't shy away from a good bit of banter though!




I personally take most of the photographs for BMN's website and social media. Just like in writing up, each also has its own beauty, its own design and its own story. I want to try and bring this out in each picture.




Most importantly I am a gamer. Video games yes.... but board games, most definitely. I am also a huge moviegoer and I have been watching at least one film or TV show every day my whole life. Also, I have been playing and learning about board games for almost my entire life as well. I have a regular group that I am constantly playing board games with multiple times every week. 


Hi, my name’s Rodney and I like to design board games.


Though, I haven’t always designed games. I remember as a kid making some with cheap cardboard, paper cards and pieces that I “borrowed” from my other games. In my Year 8 science class, we had a project to make a board game that taught people about the digestive system. Inspired by Trivial Pursuit, I created Trivia Digestion- a trivia game that educated players about digestion while taking them on a journey around a colon. I received top marks and those who played it in class that day enjoyed it.


After that, board games just disappeared. I started creative writing, took acting classes, won a poetry competition (well, came second), and began filmmaking, so I remained creative.


Then, a few years ago, something changed that. I discovered The Game Crafter, a print on demand board game company. Finally, I could make proper games, with real cards and real pieces, and, I could sell them to others!

My inner child got excited and my creativity was ignited like a bonfire as I began thinking of all these different game ideas. I started entering in contests and made an important discovery, my games sucked!


Games had come a long way since my childhood spent playing Cluedo and Monopoly. I was out of touch and needed to catch up.

All of a sudden the hobby started to take off. So I joined game groups and started playing. I watched videos and read blogs. I started analyzing and dissecting games, learning how they were made and I began learning from those who make games.


The best resources I discovered were online design journals. I got an inside look into how people were making games. I saw what worked and what didn’t.


It was time I started my own online journal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a professional designer by any means. In fact, you may learn what not to do in my journal! Mostly, I wanted to capture my process and record what I’ve learned.

You’ll see everything unfold, from my first ideas through to the final product. I’ll list the most useful tips that I find and openly discuss my biggest mistakes. I’ll also share the videos and other resources that help me.

I hope you find my journal useful, but more importantly, I hope you enjoy it. If you want to have a chat, feel free to get in contact or reach out to me on social media.






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